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Le Réveillon Jazz Café - Bienvenue de notre site internet - Jazz dans Le Perche

Directions from Calais -

Le Réveillon Jazz Café, Le Bourg, Reveillon. 61400 France tel 02 33 25 04 67

When you get to Calais join the A16 (E402) going south towards Boulogne, Abbeville and Rouen. Keep going on this autoroute all the way to Rouen...about 2 hours. At exit 23 make sure you take the autoroute for Rouen ... now the A 28!! - and don't take the Amiens/Paris road which is a continuation of the A16. At Rouen follow the signs for Caen, Bordeaux and A 28. You have to go through about 2 miles of traffic lights before re-joining the A28 so be careful ... it is quite confusing and the road numbers keep changing ... anyway just keep going until you pick up the signs for Caen, Le Havre and Bordeaux ... now A13 but also A28 ... very confusing!!

When you are back on the autoroute follow the signs for Caen/Le Havre/Bordeaux ( A 28 ) until you see the sign for Alençon and Le Mans. You must keep on the motorway because there are two routes and the other ( non-motorway ) will take forever. When you get on the autoroute for Alençon / Le Mans you are back on the A 28 and just head south to Gacé ... it is 84 kilometres and you leave when the " little kilometre signs " in the middle of the road read 201. Leave the motorway and follow the signs for Mortagne au Perche ... D932 all the way and about 38 kilometres.

When you get to Mortagne au Perche, go straight over the first 3 roundabouts then take the 1st exit ( turn right ) at the 4th roundabout ... sign-posted Bellême / Le Mans. Go 3 kilometres to the next roundabout at the bottom of the hill and go straight over. At the next roundabout take the 1st exit again and head towards Bellême / Le Mans but only for about 3 kilometres (just over a mile). You will see a sign for Réveillon and it is a left turn ... during the day you can see the Réveillon church if you look left just before this. The bar is in the middle of the village. Good Luck and call my mobile if there is a problem. 00 33 (0)6 66 22 22 55. Bob